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These polls are related to topics that have been discussed on doll forums. Often it's hard to get a general sense of public opinion from pages of debate, and not everyone wants to join in the fray. This is a chance to give your opinion without having to defend it. All polls are anonymous.

Who can answer these polls?
Some polls are for everyone but others may have requirements, such as owning a particular kind of doll. Please read the directions for details.

The answer I want isn't there.
Please choose the answer that best fits. If none apply to you at all, then skip the question; your lack of vote will still be averaged into the percentages.

Can you see what my answers are?
I see the same statistics everyone sees, I have no way of knowing how any particular person answered, unless you tell me.

Can I use the poll statistics as a reference?
Feel free to refer to them in discussions of these topics, just include a link back to the relevant poll. If you would like to use the statistics for other uses (articles, school reports, etc) then please contact me first.

I found a mistake!
If you catch any serious mistakes or feel I've left something out, please please contact me. Suggestions for future polls are welcome too!