Who is the BJD woman on the front page?
She is the Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of Melos), sculpted by Alexandros of Antioch and strung by me in Photoshop.

How can I get a bunny like yours?
The bunny and Antoine the turtle were made by Japanese artist Ozarucozaru. They're cast in resin and completely painted by hand, even the eyes. Ozarucozaru sells a handful of dolls at a time through her website and occasionally takes custom orders. The bunny was a custom order and took several months to arrive. On average the dolls sell out in 15 minutes and unfortunately I'm unable to assist anyone in getting one. I got mine by checking the website twice every day for months. My bunny is not for sale and probably never will be.

Can you see how certain people vote in the polls?
Only if you're the first person to vote in a poll and tell me so. I don't log IP addresses and have no way of knowing how any particular person voted. The respondants are given numbers in the database, and that's all I see when I look at the votes. It's pretty anonymous.

Is Oryx (PhantomDoll Siamese) a copy?
I bought my Siamese new from Phantom without knowing much about his sculpt. I don't want to believe he's a copy because I have a lot of respect for Phantom and love her work. However, the body appears to be a recast combination of the oldstyle Happydoll body (sculpted by Inhyeungsa) and Delf hands. I have done casts of the inside of the Happydoll body and the Phantomdoll body, and they match up exactly with the same inner markings and imprints. I hope it was a collaboration or legal use, as Phantom did have a relationship with Happydoll, but Phantom insists the body was sculpted by herself. She has discussed the issue with Angel Region (who currently use that body sculpt) and I've never had any word from CP or Luts about the hands beyond recognizing a similarity. As far as I know, there are no legal disputes related to this doll. Phantomdoll Siamese is banned from the Den of Angels forum and is no longer being made. If you'd like to discuss Siamese or any other potentially copied dolls, feel free to contact me. I am sympathetic to other doll owners in a similar situation.

What camera do you use?
Ricoh GR-D, previously a Pentax Optio X.

Do your dolls have backstories?
Generally not, I hate writing and have no interest in them.

How long have you been collecting dolls?
Over 20 years; my mother collects dolls too. I started with dollhouse miniatures.

... doll type?
Dollfie Dream.
... doll sizes? SD10 & supertiny.
... female body? Allegorica Evelyn
... male body? Rasendou male.
... BJD companies? Volks, Hypermaniac, RosenLied, Notdoll... too many!
... skintone? No preference really.
... default Pullip? Mir.
... default Blythe? Kenners.
... Volks limited? Anais.
... Volks standard? Hisui/Kohaku.
... Volks FCS: SD10 F-26, MSD F-06 and old SD F-07.
... eye maker? Japanese eyemaker Silver.
... wigs? Leekeworld or mohair.
... clothing brands? None, I prefer outfits made by individuals.

Blythes or Pullips? Pullips.
Stylized or realistic? Stylized.
Male dolls or female dolls? Male adults, female children.
More important: head sculpt or body? Body.

Longest wait: 4 months. (Ozarucozaru bunny.)
Most serendipitous purchase: Inugami (Unoa, entered her lottery on my birthday & won.)
Most challenging purchase: PhantomDoll Siamese (copyright infringement issues)
Most expensive at the start: Anais
Most expensive in the end: Inugami (Unoa with almost all optional parts)
Least expensive: Holly & Candy (both Pingpings shipped for $77.)
Most different from promo pics: Isidore (Rasendou Chidori.)
Most like promo pics: Bambicrony Pingpings
Quickest bond: ichigo (HappyDoll Ein)
Slowest bond: Oryx (PhantomDoll Siamese, due to copyright issues discovered on arrival.)
Easiest to find clothes for: Inugami (Unoa, looks pretty in anything.)
Hardest to find clothes for: The Alderquist (DM head on Lati Red body, not much fits.)
Best poser: Inugami (Unoa, because she's so effortlessly graceful.)
Worst poser: Isidore (Rasendou Chidori, could not stand or sit without mods)
Most popular with other people: the Bunny (by a landslide!)
Least popular with other people: my poor under-appreciated Pingpings.

Dream BJD? ichigo (HappyDoll Ein) and Volks Anais. (I'm lucky to have them both!)
Dream Pullip? Noir
Dream Blythe? A Kenner, I remember when they cost $70 but I didn't have it.
Other dreamdoll? Anything by Etsuko Miura.