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From yesterday’s meet-up:

More photos here!

There were some interesting dolls in attendance, and I was a little surprised just how many vampyres, horned girls, etc everyone has.

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New poll: How do you choose names for your doll?

I took Anais photos for Vita Ersatz. I always say Anais isn’t photogenic and I was certain that I’d never take too many pics of her after she arrived. I still don’t think she looks the same in photos as in person, but I do like taking pictures of her more than I expected.

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Oranda got a new outfit this week, so I took some photos of her Holly, my pingping.
The outfit was a custom order from Dollicious because I loved the lion fabric. I have been in a huge Blythe mood lately.

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New poll! It’s about Volks:


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New poll: Dolls in public.

I was dying to take photos of Valouria but her eyes won’t be here til later on this week, so she’s blind-folded for now. She’s an Allegorica Evelyn, 40cm if I recall correctly.

More in the gallery.

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I realized the other day that I’d completely forgot about the Flickr photo group I’m a member of. I logged in after months away to see the current theme was ‘Summer’. Even though it’s mid-September, it was still quite hot out, so I took photos of my Anais.

More in the gallery.

Also, a new poll: Would you buy a copy?

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First of all:
New Poll: Are dolls alive?

And new photos of Nashi from yesterday’s outing to Bellingrath Gardens:

More on DoA:

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I have finally more or less finished my website!

Special thanks to Laeticia for help with the latin motto, ‘SINE SUDORE LABOREQUE NULLA PUPA PERFECTA EST’, which more or less translates to ‘Without sweat and toil, no doll is perfected.’

I still need to upload a bunch of old photosets to the gallery and figure out how to make my wordpress blog pretty, but it’s mostly finished. Most importantly, it has doll-related polls, I’m going to be adding more fairly often. One of the reasons I wanted my own doll site was to gather that sort of information, so please vote. ^^

And in case anyone missed it, here’s one of the pics from my Vita Ersatz photoshoot from yesterday:

I think it’s my favourite doll photoshoot that I’ve done, certainly the best of Isidore. The rest of the pics are in the gallery:

And last but certainly not least, I won an Excellent Prize in the Dollzone contest! Which is a $200 voucher, which means Rosebud will get a companion. I really want to thank everyone again for all the support, it really does mean a lot to me.

Edit: Also, I have chocolate icecream and cereal, which I shall combine parfait-style. I miss Japan!

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