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I haven’t updated in so long! But my birthday was last week and I thought about reviving this blog.

Scavengers Brody

Brody & cake

I should probably revamp the website a bit, as it’s quite outdated now. And I should add new polls… maybe that’s what makes things hard though; I haven’t kept it up and now that I’d like to come back, there’s so much to be done. So I’m tempted to walk away again. But perhaps I’ll stay for a bit.

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I participated in the holiday swap on This Is Blythe. Here’s one of the outfits I sent, which I designed and made myself:

And this is what I received from my fabulous swap partner, Battywing. The little parcels were full of delightful things:

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I suppose I should update this more often. ^^;  I suppose that’s what comes of having two doll blogs.  So here is a photo of ichigo I took a few days ago:

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My Roxydoll Lucy with a Moondreamers bear. It actually has a little saddle for her. And the stars glow in the dark!

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This is one of the first pics I took of my Mars Tough. He’s really wonderful and stands much more solidly than my Dollshe.

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This is a doll of Revolutionary Girl Utena that I’ve had for years. I know almost nothing about the show, but I thought the doll was cute

Uncategorized10 Nov 2008 06:44 am

I took this photo after giving Rosebud a new faceup. It… didn’t turn out very well, which is why it’s not in the picture.

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New Poll: Selling doll stuff:

Yes, I have actually managed to get the doll poll up before noon. I’ve amazed myself!

I also took lots of Pullip photos this week.

More in the gallery or on Pullipstyle:


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New Poll: Doll drama!

And a photo of ichigo! It’s about time, isn’t it?

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I know she’s in the meet-up thread and some of you have already met her IRL, but she never got her own entry. So! Here’s my little cockroach girl:

More photos here:

Her shoes and socks were made by Genie Stallings, but I made her clothes and painted her wings.

‘Gokiburi’ means ‘cockroach’ in Japanese.

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